How Can You Prevent Fungal Infections?

There are no tips to prevent a fungal infection, but you can take precautions to reduce the chance of a fungal infection. So you can:

  • Wash your skin without soap. Do you use soap once or have you washed your hair? Then rinse your skin well.
  • Dry your skin well after showering or bathing.
  • Use talcum powder in your body folds and between your toes.
  • Opt for cotton underwear and socks.
  • In addition, also opt for loose-fitting garments that do not irritate your skin because they are too tight or will chafe.
  • Ensure that you wear well-ventilated shoes. Avoid rubber or plastic shoes.
  • Wear bath slippers in communal shower rooms.

Are skin fungi contagious?

Yes. Everyone has skin fungi, but they rarely cause an infection in yourself. In most cases, fungi that do cause an infection come from others. Your skin will then not be able to ward off the skin fungus, which can lead to a fungal infection.